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Nurture All Afric Foundation's programs help support students’ growth and expand their potential of giving back to their communities. By donating money, you can directly affect the chances of students who wouldn’t otherwise attend a university, support local communities as they strive to live better lives, or help to grow the medical fields in rural areas that currently don’t have the systems in place to care for and support healthy lifestyles.

Our Mission: To improve living conditions for communities throughout East Africa by providing support in education, water & sanitization, healthcare, and connection.

Our Story: Originally from Somalia, some of our board members grew up in refugee camps throughout Kenya; and finally met as refugees in Maine. Motivated by the connections they still have to East Africa and the continuing challenges they see their friends & family still facing many years later, they decided to start an organization committed to supporting these needs; Nurture All Afric Foundation.

Since we can’t respond to all needs on the ground, our founders had to make the difficult decision on which areas to focus our efforts in, so they chose the most urgent; Education, Water & Sanitization, Healthcare, and Inter-cultural connections. Every human being deserves a chance to thrive, irrespective of their circumstances or geographic location. By concentrating our efforts in education, we empower young minds to unlock their full potential, creating a generation of leaders and changemakers. By providing clean water and healthcare, we ensure healthier and more resilient communities, capable of achieving their dreams. And through inter-cultural connections, we promote a global perspective where empathy, compassion, and solidarity are supreme. Together we can weave a tapestry of progress, where no community is left behind, and we all have the opportunity to thrive.